Sports Coaching for ParentsAn athlete must have "trained" parents beside him

Sports Coaching for Parents

Parental training in the athlete’s evolutionary course

Sports Exelixis believes that parental support is fundamental for the evolution of an athlete. Parents can obtain the right attitude through training by professional scientists so they become capable to stand by their child and reinforce his career.

The aim of the program is to educate parents in order to make a decisive contribution to the development of their child

Young athletes attribute major importance to their parents’ behavior concerning their course in athletics, as it happens in every other aspect of their lives. In order to cope with the challenges of everyday life, a child should have “trained” parents beside him

We strongly believe that parents should have as a priority to offer their child a chance to fully enjoy his athletic experience and prosper through that.

Your child is beyond comparison. He is unique. Encourage him to give the best he can during the training and the game. If he enjoys the game he will continue playing, improving his fundamental character elements and become better day by day.“Trained parents”contribute the maximum to their child’s success.


 «Sports Coaching for Parents»program of Sports Exelixis, provides the athlete’s parents every data and guidance they need in order to help their child’s evolution by following the instructions of the program.

If the«Sports Coaching for Parents», principles are implemented, parents will be able to contribute decisively to the athletic evolution of their child and achievement of his goals.



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