Sports Counseling for AthletesProvide high quality consulting services to maximize athlete's performance and progress

Sports Counseling for Athletes

Sports Exelixis provides high quality counseling sessions, based on its long-term experience and obtained knowledge, with only purpose to evolve the athlete.

Sports Counseling represents a counseling program of  Sports Exelixis, which focuses on developing the athlete’s abilities in the athletic and later professional domain, as well as in his personal and social life.

The program aims to boost the athlete to dominate in every aspect of his football, personal and social life.

Sports Counselingprogram, is of major importance in Sports Exelixis. It is being applied to athletes in important domains which will determine their positive athletic outcome and serve their career.


In Sports Exelixis the athlete will be taught and educated through the Sports Counseling for Athletes program, to develop significant skills and cognitive techniques, which are being used only from professional athletes of higher level, as:

  • Confidence boost
  • Anger management
  • Anti-Stress techniques and relaxation techniques
  • Focusing Techniques
  • Stress Control
  • Defining strategy procedures and targeting
  • Rebounding from injury
  • Development and maintenance of self-concentration

Athletes with goals, succeed,
because they know where they are going!

Our goal is to help the athlete to be calmer, focused, confident and less stressed, to control effectively his physical and mental powers and feel stronger. to have self- confidence.

Maintaining balance between the athletic, psychological and emotional development of the athlete is very crucial for his career and, if achieved, could raise -in a short term- extremely the athlete’s level. At the same time, by embracing the benefits of Sports Counseling for Athletes and Sports Exelixis programs, the athlete can achieve obvious progress in his technical, mental and physical state.

Using scientific facts and principles, our athlete is being motivated to become better in a short period of time and with our guidance and supervision, he maximizes his athletic performance.

Defining motives and mental preparation leads to success!!!

Mental preparation and mobilization of the athlete are the most significant factors for an athletic performance.

It is scientifically proved and accepted that most of the athletes have an ultimate limit of mental and physical stimulation, that has a major impact on the quality of their performance in the football field.

In a short period of time and with the proper training, our athlete develops the maximum amount of his capabilities and becomes uncompetitive in sports.

Our professionals are constantly being educated in the latest techniques of Mental Coaching, Sports and Life Counseling so that they can provide to each individual athlete the exact element that make them differ compared to their co-athletes.

Through our initiatives, we improve the lives of athletes by enabling them
to take multiple opportunities, to have a better quality of sport and to become at the same time better people!
Sports Exelixis team works confidentially.
We respect human rights, individuality and dignity, of all those who work together.

Through the Sports Counseling for Athletes program we provide to the athlete a unique opportunity to be trained and receive answers to all his questions.

Examples of questions:

  • Which is the reason that athletes are different in their performance even though they have the same abilities?
  • Why do some athletes perform better under pression while some others don’t?
  • Which are the factors that differentiate the constantly successful athlete, from his less successful co-athlete?
  • Is there a certain type of personality that follows a high quality of athletic performance?
  • Younger athletes have different psychological, emotional and social needs in comparison with older and more capable athletes? If yes, how can these needs be satisfied into a healthy sports environment?
  • Why some athletes are being motivated more easily than others, especially when it comes to inner motives?
  • What is the reason that makes some athletes play in the field just because they like it and they enjoy the sport and not because of external motivation factors, like money, recognition and prizes?
  • Which factors increase and which decrease the motivation of the athlete?
  • Applause or disapproval from the audience influence the athlete’s performance and in which way?
  • Do the professional athletes get affected by audience reactions?
  • Does interpersonal relationship outside the field between the co-players matter?
  • Is the congruity of a team being achieved only if players hang out together outside the field?
  • Is it helpful to inform the athletes that a scouter, a trainer of a big team or a manager is going to evaluate them during a particular game?
  • Under which conditions criticism and anger towards the athlete are allowed? Can this behavior destroy a performance?
  • What does it really mean for an athlete to ask, “What did you think of my performance today?” “
  • Is it right to believe that reward is better in every occasion and more possible to create motives for improvement, but, at the same time, praising constitutes a more difficult process than pointing out weaknesses? “

Sports Exelixis will answer every single question of yours.

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