What great men have said about football

From Sartre to Orwell and from Oscar Wilde to Camus and Shostakovich, people of spirit and Arts, have been expressed opinions concerning the humble but grand sport of football.

«…And one beautiful day, the goddess of wind kisses the leg of a man, the hurt, the disrespectful leg of his and from this kiss a football star is born inside a trough of straw in a hut of reed. And this is the person who makes a world hanging from a football ball…»

The journalist and writer from Uruguay Edward Galeano, in his book «The thousands faces of football» develops with a unique immediacy and vivid type of writing, the bright and dark side of the «king of the sports». A sports that is folk and has great influence and impact on millions of people around the planet.

«Football is the ballet of the masses», as Dimitri Shostakovich has said. Football is feeling and passion for the many and the few. Shostakovich is not the only one who has talked about this. Let’s see some of the famous lines that people of spirit, with a rock star between them, have said about the humble but grand aspect of football.

«The point of the football, the most important elemant of it is that it is not only the football that matters»

Terry Pratchett

«To publish a book or make a movie is something really good. But the victory of Tottenham against Manchester United 3-2 is something priceless»

Salman Rushdie

«I fell in love with football in the same way that later I was falling in love with women: suddenly, airily, without any thoughts of the upcoming pain or the disturbance»

Nick Hornby

«In a football game everything is being complicated by the presence of the other team»

Jean Paul Sartre

«Rugby is a game for barbarians that is being played by gentlemen. Football is a game for gentlemen that is being played by barbarians»

Oscar Wilde

«I am a rock star because I could not be a football star»

Ron Stewart

«All that I know surely about ethics and responsibilities, I owe them to football»

Albert Camus

«Life is by itself a football game»

Sir Walter Scott

«The goalkeeper is the lonely eagle, the mystery man, the last defender»

Vladimir Nabokov

«Football, a sport in which anyone is getting hurt and every nation has its own style of playing, which seems unfair to the rest»

George Orwell