ProfileIn Sports Exelixis we are consultants of amateur and professional athletics

Who are we

We are a team of people of different specialties, respecting athletes, passionately loving sports and every positive aspect of it.

We are not managers (players’ agents), but we are counselors of amateur and professional athletics., We are experts and experienced professionals with a wide knowledge of the sports’ domain.

We do not focus on direct benefit, we do not work on a short-term base. We use a specific plan which has a beginning, a middle and an ending!

Credibility, professionalism, respect, trust, discreet handling, flexibility and human relationship are the most principal values , that have been cultivated between Sports Exelixis and our clients και and partners, in Greece and abroad.

With our initiatives, we want to enhance the athletes’ life in Greece and give them the opportunity to receive a better quality of athletics and in the same time become better people!
Sports Exelixis team works with confidentiality and keeps secrecy.
We respect the Human Rights, the individuality and the dignity of all who we are working with.


  • Improvement and declaration of the conditions in Greek athletics
  • Meritocracy and respect to the athlete
  • Establishment of trust to the Greek athlete
  • Constant care so that the athlete has the suitable conditions for working
  • Providing opportunities, detection and designation of talented young athlete
  • Health, development, prosperity, of non-privileged young athletes
  • Evolution of the children and professional athletes so that they reach the desirable level with method and athletic education
  • Qualitative development and supplementary profits of the Teams and Academies with scientific approach and simultaneous protection of their rights
  • Providing specialized qualitative services of development to professionals and scientists of the sports domain
  • Providing specialized qualitative consulting and marketing services to Sports Companies (existing or new), for the smooth entrance into the market and the development of new projects in Athletics.
  • Development of athletic tourism in Greece with thw most qualitative and professional services.
  • Constant spread of our athletic services and athletic tourism all over the world
  • Education and continuous advancement of the professionals, scientists and our co-workers
  • Constant improvement and evolution of our company

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