ProgramsOur principle for the athlete is based on three elements: Evaluation – Progress – Promotion

Programs for athletes

In Sports Exelixis we offer complete programs of services aiming to create the best circumstances for the athlete’s daily routine.

In Sports Exelixis, using the extensive knowledge of our professionals, our wide contact network and the best guidance services that we possess, we provide structured programs of high quality.

The goal of our programs is that our athletes reach the higher athletic level they can, depending always on their age, and testing, if they wish, their capabilities to greater teams and clubs.

We connect strategy, innovation and technology to the development of our athletes!
Our principle for the athlete is based on three elements:
Evaluation – Progress – Promotion

The actions that derive from these principles are targeted, programmed, scientifically approved and embodied in our programs. These programs can be implemented in the athlete’s and his family’s needs that are previously confirmed from the evaluation process.

In Sports Exelixis we are specialized and through our programs we provide our athletes with:

  • Counseling sessions and support, with simultaneous protection of their rights and interests
  • Personalized services for evolution (Evaluation, Improvement, Progress, Guidance, Supervision, Promotion)
  • Personalized counseling sessions to athlete’s parents
  • Personalized services of guidance to professionals or amateurs
  • After our athlete’s or his parents’ request, we provide them with proposals and bring them in contact with one of our company’s approved Player’s agent.
  • Participation of our athletes in testing- evaluation trainings to Clubs and Academies in Greece.
  • Participation of our athletes in evaluation trials to Clubs and Academies abroad, with participation, transportation and accommodation included
  • Participation of our athletes abroad in testing- evaluation trainings during pre-season period, with participation, transportation and accommodation included.
  • Proposals for scholarships, up to 100% covered, in colleges and universities in U.S.A..
  • Proposals to our athletes concerning universities or colleges in Europe and teams, so that they can study and play at the same time, with the reassurance of a contract.
  • Multiple services and amenities to athletes through our programs.


Sports Exelixis team is working with discretion and always keeps professional secrecy.

We respect and protect Human Rights, individuality, dignity of the people who we cooperate with.

Our goal is to reinforce with every way possible the improvement of the athlete, his prosperity, his personal and athletic development and the better understanding of himself and his sport. 

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