1st Stage: EvaluationSports Exelixis always evaluates its athletes


When Sports Exelixis takes on an athlete:

We evaluate his technical training and his tactics, using the network of scouters that we preserve. 

Through a number of measurements derived from advanced scientific tests we check his athletic and physical state comparing it with the most recent and specialized protocols, verified from the international scientific bibliography.

We evaluate with advanced scientific tests their nutritional and mental state condition.

Every athlete is unique
But rarely there is only one solution for him!
H Sports Exelixis is always close to the athlete and helps him succeed!

Personal Evaluation File

A personalized evaluation file is being delivered to the athlete and his parents, so that they can see all the results of the evaluation procedure, that have been previously carried out.

At the same time, we explain in detail, every single aspect of the evaluation procedure and we are providing specific directions and propositions for the next level.

This file is being informed day by day with new data deriving from the athlete’s improvement. It is, also, a very useful tool, combined with visual material, for the athlete’s presentation to several teams or academies in Greece and abroad, of course, only after parental approval.

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