3rd Stage: Promotion
We set the groundings and create the chances for our athletes!

Promotion of Athletes

Sports Exelixis takes advantage of the multiple contacts that maintains in Greece and abroad regarding Clubs, Academies, Companies, Coaches, Scouters and Players’ agents.

We set the groundings and create the chances to our athletes, in order to be ready, when the right team for them is found. The goal is the continuous success in their sports career. 

An athlete can be promoted to a team either directly or by participating in a trial.

We set the groundings and create the chances for our athletes!
We always seek for the competitive advantage,for our athletes!

We do not create false ambitions

Η Sports Exelixis Sports Exelixis never creates false ambitions to athletes and their families. Meanwhile we encourage the players to always stay positive, in order to achieve their goals and we cooperate closely with the football players and their parents in every level.

Amateur Players

Η Sports Exelixis, αSports Exelixis depending on the athletes’ level and age makes suggestions for the trials that we think they are appropriate for them. Sports Exelixis arrange trials in Greece and abroad one to three times per year.

In Sports Exelixis we form the future of our athlete in association with him, we stand by his side, we implement all the trends in athletics, combining all the above mentioned with the experience, the know-how, the communication and negotiation skills that we possess.

Professional Athletes

Regarding the professional athlete who has a contract with a team, Sports Exelixis cooperates with his Agent, if there is one, and makes an agreement which leads to a financial proposal for the player’s transfer. In case of professional athletes, who do not have a contract in this certain moment, Sports Exelixis handles the proposal in a cooperation with the Agent.

We have the knowledge – We create your future together!

Sports Exelixis knows what exactly an athlete needs in order to improve himself and succeed. We provide him with professional advice and complete support to achieve his goal and to compete, based on his existing capacities, in a higher level than the one before.

Alternative Career

There are cases, in which Sports Exelixis finds out that our football player cannot follow a career in football, even one of a low range. Then, we encourage him to be involved in another sport or, if he is older, we propose him other career solutions either in Greece or abroad, sports-related or not.

If he has a certain career wish,Sports Exelixis will continue providing him with hints and tips and helping him dynamically in every possible way.

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