Special Programs of ELITE levelOur principle for the athlete is based on three elements: Evaluation – Progress – Promotion

Special programs performance, technical brilliance – Specific programs of Elite level

In Sports Exelixis special programs of managing the athlete aim to help him in: Special Training – Technical Development – Growth of physical condition – Performance – Evolution – Time managing – Trust – Respect.

Programs constructed for the specific needs of each athlete

For Sports Exelixis, every player is unique.

Sports Exelixis perceives each athlete as a unique case because of his personal characteristics and the specific sport that he plays.

We work with the athlete to develop him into playing sports with receivables.

The purpose of the programs “Efficiency – Training” in Sports Exelixis is for the athlete to receive personal training sessions, despite these that his team is providing, which aim to enhance the problems that have been detected in the evaluation of his athletic performance.

We empower his advantages, we improve behavior in tactics, we upgrade his skills and we eliminate his weaknesses.

As a result, through our proper training methods, our faithful athlete, in a short time, develops the maximum of his capacities and becomes the best athlete he can be.

We remain in touch with the latest training techniques and we update our knowledge constantly. So, we can offer to our athlete this special element, this unique advice that will make him differ from the large number of today’s aspiring athletes.

Our "loyal" athlete, in a short time
And in combination with appropriate training methods,
He develops his maximum capabilities and succeeds

The fast game and technical development of a football player

Football fastens up day by day and most of the teams try to dominate in the maintenance of the ball with fast and short passes. 

This has turned the interest of the teams towards players who can make fast decisions and at the same time, be accurate..

In Sports Exelixis we deal with this burning issue, with our our special performance- training program , which aims to improve the awareness of a player and make him take rapidly right decisions and make right choices.

Sports Exelixisbelieves that this major technique is responsible for the performance of elite level athletes so it is a priority in our program.

In Sports Exelixis the athlete will be taught techniques, that Elite level athletes use!
Trust the Sports Exelixis mechanism for a successful career!

Elite Level techniques

The athlete in Sports Exelixis  is trained through the Sports Counseling program, in order to develop important skills, like self-confidence, target definition, mental depiction, control of psychological energy, self- talk, relaxation techniques, stress management and concentration techniques. He is being taught techniques that are being used by elite level athletes.

Sports Counseling aims to give a helping hand to the athlete and his family with the purpose to achieve in his professional, personal and social life. The side benefits are the confrontation of his fears, the organization of his time, the right choice concerning his studies, the financial management, the enhancement of his interpersonal relationships and eventually the achievement of every single goal of his.

Sports Exelixis programs aim to promote the athlete and raise his level in every aspect of his life.

The Sports Exelixis  team will help the athlete rise through the improvement, evolution, guidance, and supervision programs, so that he performs the maximum of his capabilities and consequently open the gates to a successful career.

Sports Exelixis fitness programs are implemented by the most respected coaches

Programs of Physical Condition

Athletes in Sports Exelixis follow professional programs for improvement of their physical condition, with several forms of physical exercise.

Our special programs, that concern football, have as a purpose to develop the strength,   explosion, της speed and endurance of the athlete.

At the same time, we improve the ability of jumping, balance,proprioception, and kinesthetic, perception, neuromuscular assembly, peripherical sight, centralization of attention and flexibility of the athlete.

Sports Exelixis, physical condition programs are implied from the most renowned experts, trainers and coaches, in Greece.

Management of training load

In Sports Exelixis we pose as prerequisite of the implementation of our training programs, the specialized management of training load, because we are aware of the causes and the symptoms of hyper- training and consequently, we eliminate the possibility of an athlete getting injured.


Mental Skills Coaching – Mind Practice, Spiritual, Psychological and Emotional Preparation

The mind of an athlete is like a muscle. It takes practice, just like the muscles of his body.

Athletes experience many feelings everyday and the help of a Mental Skills Coach is essential.

Mental Coach helps athletes manage stress, providing them with a lifeboat to catch when they do not play well or face problems within the team. Helps them to think positive, asks them to envision success, learn breathing, Concentration and positive thinking exercises.

He basically advises the players to “play in the present”. Do not stay in the past or think about the future. On the contrary, they face each phase separately.

If we refer to elite youngsters – and therefore inexperienced – athletes, Mental Coach is essential, especially since most sports experience instant emotions. From defense to attack. From “do not score” to “score”. From “smart shot” to “mis-shot”

Mental Coach at Sports Exelixis

At the high level, in the various sports, everyone is athletic and capable. So, what makes the difference? What distinguishes one player from another?

The answer is that individual players have “spiritual hardness”. They seem inconspicuous. Like creating a wall between them and the rest of the world when they step on the court and do not stand in concepts such as victory and defeat. The result of a game is something they cannot control by themselves in a broader sense. What counts is to control their present. The phase they are in. Their concentration. The level of their positivity.

“Concentrate on what you control. You cannot control what the world will say. You cannot control if someone thinks you are a good, mediocre or bad player. You cannot control whether the world will criticize you for your actions.”

With the Mental Coach of Sports Exelixisyou will find an inner tranquility, with the process of leaving out what you cannot control and concentrate on what you can control.

What is very important is what you can control at this time being, trusting your abilities and then proceeding to the next moment.

The Mental Coach of Sports Exelixis will prepare you spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. The mental state plays a huge role in your performance on the field, to become the best!

Time management

Nowadays, plenty of information, coming from social media and the growing number of constant obligations and requirements, are overwhelming our minds. As a result, free time has become the most valuable possession.

Having said that, the facilitation of our lives does not become any more convenient, instead we are constantly in a hurry. Why do we always resort to several ways for gaining time but we are always losing more?

The major disadvantage of our contemporary lives is that we always try to make things work, but we cannot focus on anything. When we finally manage to focus on something, we feel that we forget something else. Thus, is there time for everything or not? How do successful people manage to accomplish everything?

We believe that this is not a matter of time, but a matter of managing the available time. It is not a matter of target, but the concentration on this. Experts that are referring to time managing for the contemporary people who want to do something more agree to one rule:  «Every moment that something happens, you should separate the urgent from the non-urgent and the important from the less important, in order to know which is the matter that deserves your attention.». .The difference between these, is the element that makes you be on time.

In Sports Exelixis we understand the problem of time and we guide our athlete so as he can manage it.

Sports Exelixis team works confidentially


Sports Exelixis team is working with discretion and always keeps professional secrecy.

We respect and protect Human Rights, individuality, dignity of the people who we cooperate with.
Our goal is to reinforce with every way possible the improvement of the athlete, his prosperity, his personal and athletic development and the better understanding of himself and his sport.

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