Scholarships in Colleges in the USASports and studies in the USA

Scholarships in Colleges in America

Study in the U.S.A. and play a sport at the same time

. Be informed by Sports Exelixis for what you need in order to take the chance for a full athletic scholarship in an American College.

In American universities there are 29 sports for which you can get a scholarship:

Soccer, basketball, volleyball, polo, athletics, tennis, skiing, ice hockey, grass hockey, swimming, synchronized swimming, rowing, baseball, fencing, rugby, Golf, gymnastics, shooting, diving, wrestling, archery, bowling and horse riding.

The ideal age to get a scholarship is immediately after the completion of the high school, up to 2-3 years later. 

This is the time with the highest probability of receiving a scholarship, since each coach wants to get a young player who he can count for 4 years in the group (duration of studies).

The candidate for a scholarship must have completed the third class of high school and passed the English language test, the TOEFL test and the ACT test or SAT test. These are the basics you need to be admitted at a university. You must keep in mind that each university requires a specific result in the TOEFL ACT and SAT test.

Having good grades from high school is sufficient for admission to university, but having excellent grades means that there is a greater chance of obtaining in addition to sports and an academic scholarship. Often these two scholarships combined can cover most or all of the costs at an American university.

Comprehensive update

What we provide

We inform and guide step by step our athletes and high school students in the complicated procedure of finding an athletic scholarship in a U.S.A. College.

What we suggest

We suggest an alternative solution to these athletes-students who can understand that the combination of education and professional athletics is impossible in Greece, so they could not get what they have dreamed of.

What is an athletic scholarship

  • Financial help to the young people who want to study in USA colleges and at the same time participate and stand out in College Championships
  • An award that is being given by Universities to talented athletes who have the potential to adjust and bring victories to universities’ teams

What an athletic scholarship includes

  • The amenities concern partially or full, depending on the case, coverage of expenses
  • It is being arranged on the scale from 1% to 100% and concerns expenses like tuition fees, accommodation, alimentation, insurance and books.

Which are the privileges of an athletic scholarship

  • High quality of studies in international recognized colleges
  • Optimum circumstances of training (facilities, equipment, medical care)
  • Supervision of progress from academic consultants and trainers
  • Practice in the University
  • License to work in the University
  • Job finding through university services, when studies are over

Which are the demands after the athletic scholarship

  • t least “C” at average score
  • Pressure because of the investment
  • Balance between studying and training
  • Stable high scores for at least 4 years
  • Adaptation to a new culture

Claim today a sports scholarship in the USA

Do you want to claim a full college scholarship in America? Be informed today about the structure of the program, of sports scholarships in the US, applied by Sports Exelixis. Learn about sessions between student-athlete and an academic guidance consultant.

Due to the many championship categories in America (NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA) there are many solutions for you. In many sports, it is difficult to determine the level of performance and this is the biggest difficulty for US coaches when hiring athletes from other countries. It is understandable that the coach from any US university may have difficulty in determining the quality of the lower European categories of football, or any other sport.

So the importance of the program we offer is of high importance because we give coaches the opportunity to compare the athletes and get all the necessary information on which to base their decision on scholarships. For all sports, the difference between the best and middle teams is great.

Leading candidates will go to the strongest teams, while the bigger part of the candidates who are average, greatly helps to improve the team at the US college championships.

So, there is no reason to worry about a candidate, that his level will not allow him to compete in the American universities championship as there are many different levels of competition.

The real challenge is to find the right athlete who will be a protagonist in his future team, since high scholarships are mainly given to such individuals.

However, with our knowledge and experience, we will ensure you, the best possible combination, of a good University with the best possible scholarship.

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