Sports Exelixis in Belgium and Netherlands

Sports Exelixis will visit Belgium and Netherlands,at the end of March 2017.

The second qualifying phase (Elite round) of the 1st group of the European Youth Championship will take place in Netherlands, from 23 to 28 of March, U19, where our National Youth Team will participate.

In the U19 Youth competition,in the country of “tulip”, except the U19 National teams of Greece and the hostess Netherlands,  Ukraine and Finland will participate as well.

The National Greek Team of men, will face the equivalent of Belgium, in Belgium, on the 25 og March, in the context of the qualifying round for World 2018, to be held in Russia.

The members of Sports Exelixis will be in the Netherlands and Belgium, will watch the matches of our representative groups and have day-to-day contacts with teams from the Netherlands of Belgium and Germany.