Services"Help others succeed and you will be successful"


Sports Exelixis’ services cover an undeniably significant gap in the Athletics in Greece.

Sports Exelixis’ vision is to:

Offer high quality counseling and other services for improvement, evolution, development, organization, strategy, competition and success of our clients, because we wish to always consist their first choice.

Sports Exelixis goal is to:

Cover the needs of our clients in Greece and abroad with services that respond to their expectations and provide them the optimum perspective for development and success.

We have a plan with a beginning, a middle and an ending!

We love athletics and we visualize the improvement of Greek sports.

It is an honor for Sports Exelixis to be recognized by the people of football or of other sports’, as a progressive company with a complete providing services in the Greek athletic reality.

Sports Exelixis team does not focus on the immediate commission and does not work temporary. , In Sports Exelixis we have a a plan with a beginning, middle and an ending!

«No one is going to be rewarded for what he deserves, but for what he demands»

Consultant Agency

By detecting the needs of our clients, we become allies in the decision-making process and we lead them step by step. With our services, they gain the best future possibilities for development.

The formation of a successful strategy is based on the individualized program , which is supported by the evaluation. An action plan is the continuity of the process and it is being followed by the re-assessment, modification -where it is necessary-constant support,guidance and supervision.
The realization of this plan creates advantageous circumstances and covers the unique needs of our clients.

Basic Principles

Reliability, professionalism, trust, discreet handling, flexibility, human relationship are the ultimate principles that have been cultivated between Sports Exelixis and our clients, in Greece and abroad.

Help others succeed
And you will be successful "

To whom we address

Sports Exelixis addresses and provides services to: 

  • Professional athletes
  • Amateur athletes (children – teenagers – young)
  • Athletes’ Parents
  • Football teams
  • Football Academies
  • Coaches – Goalkeeper Coaches – Trainers
  • Teams’ Scouters (Greek – Foreigners)
  • Football Managers (Players’ Agents) (Greek – Foreigners)
  • Existing companies – New Companies in Athletics (providing services or selling goods)
  • New businessmen in Athletics – New Projects
  • Investors in Athletics
  • Professionals in Sports
  • Scientists in Sports
  • Universities – Colleges in Greece
  • Universities – Colleges in Europe
  • Colleges in America – Coaches in College Teams
  • Football Federations
  • Coordinators of Official Championships
  • Coordinators of Private Championships – Tournaments
  • Coordinators of Camps – Trials
  • Coordinators of Conferences – Seminars – Meetings – Lectures in Sports
  • Companies in Europe and worldwide with the same or similar subject of work
  • Individuals or companies who can represent us in Greece and worldwide
  • External co-workers who have to do with athletics
  • External co-workers who have no relation with sports but can contribute to our programs
  • Athletes of other sports besides football

We only succeed when our customers have succeeded!


Sports Exelixis team is working with discretion and always keeps professional secrecy.

We respect and protect Human Rights, individuality, dignity of everyone who we are working with.

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