Sports TourismSports Exelixis provides high quality Athletic Tourism programs

Sports Tourism

Sports Exelixis having seen the rapid development of athletic tourism industry worldwide, creates complete packages of services programs for the Greek tourists and the foreigners.

Sports Tourism constitutes one of the most fast developing kinds of tourism worldwide. According to international organizations 25% of tourists do sports during their vacation. At the same time, sports tourism is responsible for 220 million of international arrivals and has a twelve-month duration.

In Greece, there is not precise evidence for the Sports Tourism. It is estimated that 10% of the total number of arrivals are due to this kind of tourism. In Europe τIn Europe, 22% of all the vacation packages concerns sports tourism, while globally sports tourism scores 14% annually and still rising.Sports tourism represents already a 25% as an alternative kind of tourism to certain countries. In Greece and globally, Sports Tourism is gaining ground day by day.

Sports Exelixis participates in the rapid development of the sports tourism industry, with full packages of high quality programs
With a view to proper organizing and planning, to an effective management and development of sports tourism in our country, Sports Exelixis has developed comprehensive sports tourism programs

The profile of an athletic tourist is included in the list with the ten types of tourists who spend a lot. They are braver, they like to travel, they have the habit to bring their family together, because athletics is a family entertainment and they tend to revisit one place which has provided unforgettable experiences and has created unique memories. According to studies the average tourist tends to spend 800$ while the sports tourist spends 1.648$, that is almost the double.

With the right scheduling and planning, the effective managing and development of the sports tourism in our country, Sports Exelixis has realized programs of athletic tourism, which are addressing to:

  • Teams – Academies in Greece and abroad
  • Greeks or foreigners Athletes – Athletes’ Parents
  • Greeks or from other countries coaches
  • Professionals in Athletics in Greece or abroad
  • Scientists in Athletics from Greece or other countries
  • Hotel unions in Greece for athletic tourism in hotels
  • Hotel Unions abroad for athletic tourism in hotels
  • Touristic agents in Greece and abroad
  • Travel Agencies in Greece and abroad
  • International and National Airlines
  • Training centers abroad
  • Sports Federations in Greece and internationally
  • Municipalities, Districts, Regions of Greece
  • Unions of Sports Associations in Greece
  • Unions of other Associations in Greece and abroad
  • Public and Private sectors in Greece and abroad
  • To anyone who wills to have these programs

Sports Exelixis provides only high-quality services

Sports Exelixis Tourism

Sports Tourism programs offer several activities from which the participants can gain amusement and develop athletically. Sports Exelixis provides only high-quality services.

An example of a Sports Tourism service

  • Visit of Greek football coaches, to a European town:  

Visit and tour in a European football team. Visit its training center during trainings of several age categories and of primary team, in its field. Sightseeing is also provided.

During their visit, participants are being informed for the philosophy of the team, they are following informational discourses and they are sharing knowledge and experience.

The specialized and unique high-quality services of Sports Exelixis can combine the above mentioned with a tournament, a camp or a trial that the family’s kid can participate..

  • Visit of a foreign football team, either professional or amateur, to a Greek town: 

Equivalent programs are being offered to the people from other countries who are interested. They concern Greek territory and they contain several subjects all year round.

In the example: The team is being guided in museums, landmarks and all over the town.

they play friendly football games and they enjoy themselves.

They are participating in informational discourses for the Greek culture. They experience unique moments by taking part in the high-quality services that only Sports Exelixis provides.

Typical Services for a Team – Academy, Greek or foreign. (the content is being defined after an agreement)

  • Accommodation in a luxury hotel (athletes: Full Board, Coaches – Companions: All Inclusive))
  • Transportation and transfers during all the visiting period
  • Organization of friendly games (with teams of a corresponding age category)
  • Trainings in training canters of a team
  • Doctor’s presence to all the athletic activities
  • Tour in town, to the landmarks and archeological places
  • Greek entertainment 
  • One-day trip or cruise to a Greek island
  • Visit games or trainings of Greek elite’s teams
  • Tour guide and mission’s coordinator of Sports Exelixis available 24/7
  • High security measures – Insurance for the participants

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