Educational Sports Events – Special EventsProfessional organization of events, with guaranteed success

Educational Sports Events – Special Events

Sports Exelixis organizes professional events, with the aim to broaden the cognitive level of our executives and co-workers, but also to reinforce our clients’ promotional strategies with guaranteed success.

Sports Exelixis organizes:

Educational Athletic Events

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Press Conferences

Special Events

  • Promotion Events – Public Relationships
  • Promotion Events – Advertisement
  • Company’s Meetings
  • Professional Meetings
  • Media Coverage – Live Streaming – Videos
Sports Exelixis organizes events that exceed the expectations of its customers
They are always professional, innovative and efficient

Concrete Plan with a beginning, a middle and an ending

Sports Exelixis team provides all the specialized highly demanding services and the necessary means for the smooth prosecution of educational athletic events and special events. These events are always above our clients’ expectations and always in excellence judging by a professional, innovational and effective point of view.

We have a concrete plan with a beginning, a middle and an ending. We cover all the stages of the organization from the starting – creative idea until the planning and the realization of it. We write down our clients’ needs, expectations and special demands. The human relationship with our clients is of primary importance to us and we do not care about massive production of standardized services.

After the end of any event we can serve drinks and viands, in order to create the perfect environment for meetings, relaxation, public relationships and social interaction.

The events will be announced on the Spoprts Exelixis website and those who have expressed interest will be informed by telephone and e-mail about their participation.

For the perfect organization, we also provide (after agreement):

  • The suitable place and space for the event
  • Managing and coordination of the event
  • Financial programming – Marketing – Secretarial Support – Communicative Strategy
  • Digital record of signings – up
  • Production of written material
  • Sponsorship – Funding
  • VIP services
  • Staff for the hospitality and supplementary personnel
  • Packages, badges for participants – Preparation of the material for the event – Congressional accessories and gifts
  • AV – Equipment and installation of interpretation – translation
  • Trips, transportation, accommodation – Tour programs before and after the conference – Trips and sightseeing
  • Thematic and social events
  • • Financial managing of the event from the beginning till the end, with composition of a complete budget, contracts’ management – bills and final financial report.

Credibility, professionalism, respect, trust, discreet handling, flexibility and human relationship are the most principal values that have been cultivated between Sports Exelixis and our clients, in Greece and abroad.

Educational events abroad

Sports Exelixis gives the chance to our executives, co – workers and anyone else to participate in qualitative Educational Sports Events abroad.

This kind of events are being announced in Sports Exelixis’ webpage and anyone who has declared his interest is being informed via e-mail and telephone call.

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