Services to Sports Companies (Existing – New)Specialized Consultancy to Companies in Athletics

Existing Companies (of services or products of Athletics) – New Businessmen, New Companies

BUSINESS CONSULTING – Specialized Consultancy to Companies in Athletics

Sports Exelixis does not self-project as a company who can take on and complete everything…  Our principle is that a Counselor should be someone who can propose and give realistic and possible solutions for every issue that creates a financial impact. This impact, either obligation or right, must be managed with a solution planning, proposal and be implemented.

In Sports Exelixis, we have the experience to understand and support the companies, who want to modernize themselves and rise effectively. Furthermore, we support the individuals who want to make a new starting step in the world of athletics.

"Knowing how to do something,
Is the half of accomplishing it "

We have succeeded when our customers have succeeded!

Existing Companies, of services or products in Sports

Maximize your results with our know – how

Having as a base the know-how and our specialization in athletics, we provide a wide range of counseling services. Through these, we offer solutions to your problems, reinforcement of your strategic growth and other type of services shaped accordingly to the present and, mainly, to the future of the market.

Our key strengths:

  • We comprehend people and we offer results
  • Specialization in the subject of Sports, especially football
  • Adequately qualified scientific staff
  • Awareness of the peculiarities and needs of Private Sector
  • Transmission of the know-how to our clients
  • Strong and methodologically complete frame of providing services
  • Adjustment of existing tools and technological achievements through continuous research and evolution

«Know you – Like you – Trust you»

Our goal is that your clients:

  • Learn about your services
  • Like them and eventually
  • Trust you.

Only when your clients trust you, they will be convinced that you can do the things you are claiming you can. Eventually they will believe that you will bring the result that you promise and they will ask again (and again) for your services! We try, first of all to create a “relationship”, because this relationship will maximize the client’s value in the long run.

We offer fast solutions

Our central interest is the company’s needs. Sports Exelixis provides fast solutions for issues related to your professional activities, your rise, your organizational structure, the segmentation of your actions, your promotion, your innovation, your entrance into the market, the management of your staff etc. We help you build a modern company’s image which reflects professionalism, punctuality and the company’s character.

For Sports Exelixis, every problem of a sports’ professional, either big or small, has its own value and we exhaust our power and knowledge in order to deal with it. And this is exactly what we are going to do.

"Always, one has to build the stairs,
which you will climb tomorrow "

New Professionals – New Companies


Concerning new professionals who are going to do business in sports, Sports Exelixis takes on their first steps and guide them to make good decision for their professional future. We help them to define what the company will provide, where it will be located, in which domain it will take action and how it is going to offer its services or products.

Our goal is that the new company in athletics can rise properly, with the lower possible cost and risk, taking advantage in the same time of the new technologies and any chance of funding.

A well planned program of development and public relations constitutes the key of success for the promotion of the services you provide. It is the element which will prepare the way for your activities and the acceptance of them in the market.

We prepare today the ground and we spread the appropriate seeds. The seeds which with the proper attention will give you tomorrow the best results.


  • Build a strong brand
  • Make easier sales and acquire new customers
  • Approach of the strategic co-workers
  • Acquisition of a deeper trusting relationship with our customers
  • Leading against your competitors
Strategy is at the heart of Sports Exelixis

Our mission is to support our customers, in order to use the power of sport to their advantage.

Strategy and Planning

We define what you wish to succeed, when and how you will succeed it

Strategy is in the center of Sports Exelixis actions. Our mission is to support our clients, in order to make good use of the power of athletics in favor of them.

We help our clients to develop their vision, to define their mission and their long-term goals, to make the right decisions, to understand deeply the sports industry and place themselves right in it.

By using our extensive network of contacts, co-workers and experts, in the domain of athletics, we are in a position to boost our clients to develop a powerful strategy in order to reassure the success of their goals and satisfy their ambitions and plans with concrete results.

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