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Services to Players’ Agents

In Sports Exelixis, WE ARE NOT Players’ Agents  (transfers’ mediators,in other words managers), but Sports Consultants and we pursue that our athlete be represented by a dignified Agents’ Office.

Our main goal in the domain of athlete’s representation is the wider possible cooperation with Greeks and foreigners Agents, so that our athlete secures qualitative work conditions and the best possible contract.

Inside the framework of our cooperation Sports Exelixis : propose to Players’ Agents (Managers):

  • Undertake evaluated athletes from Sports Exelixis
  • Sports Exelixis takes on any athlete who wants to take part in our programs.
  • Close relationship , with Sports Exelixis for the promotion of our athlete to a Club. 
  • Exchange of information for the benefit of our athletes.
  • Transparent rules of mutual collaboration in the favor of athletes.
  • Mutual relationship of trust without stereotypes for the best function of our existing cooperation.
In Sports Exelixis WE ARE ΝΟΤ players’ agents (transfers’ mediators), but sports consultants
We pursue that our athlete be represented by a dignified Agents’ Office.

Sports Exelixis,in the framework of the effective management of our athletes, we pursue these collaborations but only with agents who are serious for what they do and share common ideas, in a qualitative and responsible cooperation..

It is required for them to be registered as transfers’ mediators in one of the UEFA Football FCEs, according to the FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations.

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