Co-work with usA prerequisite for our partnerships is to harmonize with our principles and philosophy

Co-work with us

Partner Program

In Sports Exelixis we are open and flexible in collaborations on condition that we are on the same page concerning our values and our philosophy.

The distribution of our co-workers:


As associates we consider any kind of companies, organizations, federations and institutes that are related or specialized in particular domains of Sports industry :

(Unions, Academies, Sports Companies, Universities, Colleges, Foundations, Hotels, Dining Areas, Tourist Companies, Airline Companies, Organizers of official tournaments, Organizers of private tournaments-tournaments, Organizers of Camps and Trials, Organizers of Conferences-Seminars-Workshops-Lectures etc).

Our Motto: "Help others succeed and you will be successful"


Every person who feels passion and love towards sports is a representative. It is a person who wants to work in our Company’s programs and ideas for their promotion. In the framework of his work, he ought to search, evaluate and attract possible clients.

External Collaborators

External Collaborators are people (self- employed) or companies (national or international), who are committed to Sports Exelixis in order to co-operate and contribute to the successful achievement of short-term or long-term goals.

These are: technocrats, advisors, coaches, trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, agents, physiotherapists, doctors, football coaches (UEFA), former football players, football trainers, physical education teachers, lawyers, people who work in mass media, sports managers, life coachers, sports psychologists, children psychologists, sports nutritionists, ergo physiologists, spinal physiotherapists, podiatrists, massage therapists, hotels, travel agencies, airlines and any other profession has a relationship with sports, athletics, and the industry of social and athletic development.

HOW can someone become a partner of Sports Exelixis?

Contact us at 210 57 210 59 to receive the information, or send us an e-mail at and let us know your interest. Within 24 hours we will be in touch with you to discuss our ideal way of working together!

At Sports Exelixis we are open and flexible in partnerships

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